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About Us

New Automation was founded in 1967 and is a leading IT company, specializing in development and implementation of advanced information systems, as well as providing computer services to the municipal sector and its related bodies. The company’s services include an advanced ERP system which provides multiple services, such as collections, financial, payroll and human resources, education, parking, engineering and GIS.

The company provides transverse and one-stop-shop solutions to its customers. The systems are part of one large ERP system that allows customers to get synchronized information in real time from all systems. In addition, the customer receives all these services from one end-to-end provider, who takes responsibility for everything, giving clients security, peace of mind and advanced technology, all under one roof.

We are largest company in the municipal market with approximately 200 customers, providing all the core systems to at least 60% of the customers in the municipal sector. Of the 15 major municiple authorities, 12 municipalities work with Automation in all areas.

As part of the company’s operations, we provide automation services to our customers (local authorities, water corporations, municipal companies, city associations and more) ongoing consultancy which includes planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the information systems. The company employs approximately 450 professional and experienced employees, including software experts, programmers, project managers, systems analysts, implementers, service personnel, technology personnel, etc. who work to tailor comprehensive and multidisciplinary computing solutions to the needs of local authorities.

New Automation is owned entirely by 1 ONE Technologies Inc.

The New automation subsidiary (100% ownership) “Complete”, develops and implements GIS engineering information systems.

Company Vision

“New Automation” will strengthen its position as a leader in information system technologies in the municipal sector, creating breakthrough technological innovation and will be a source of pride to its customers and employees.

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